Migrations program

Migrate to bleu Pelican!

bleu Pelican’s migrations® program offers companies personalized service designed to simplify and maximize their travel and transport and make it more profitable.

Reduce your fleet of vehicles and project a positive image on the road!

For most companies, having a fleet of vehicles is not an advantageous prospect. Management, which is often labour-intensive, regular maintenance of vehicles to ensure they’re safe, not to mention insurance—all these can easily turn into counterproductive expenses. What’s more, you don’t always have the assurance of having the vehicle best adapted to a given situation.

If reimbursement of mileage of your employees’ travel and transport costs strikes you as a viable alternative, one that achieves real savings and ensures you project a positive image on the road, bleu Pelican’s migrations® program offers you the best return.

With bleu Pelican, you’ll save an average of 50% on your travel and transport costs!

bleu Pelican offers you a highly competitive fee schedule and easy-to-use turnkey services. Our wide selection of vehicles, available throughout the province, ensures you have the latest fleet, model or equipment best adapted to your needs at any given time.

To find out more about the migrations® program and its advantages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Richard Hébert
General Manager, bleu Pelican
1273 St-Jean Rd.
St. Nicolas, QC
G7A 1A7