Franchises available

Soar with bleu Pelican!

Dear Sir or Madam:

Created by a group of vehicle rental experts, bleu Pelican Inc. specializes in short-term car, truck and minibus rental.

Today, though our company doesn’t have the fame yet of some of its competitors — generally controlled by foreign interests — you should know that over the past few years our exceptionally aggressive growth plan has helped us acquire a significant share of the market. This impetus already positions us as one of the largest networks in our sector, with over 40 locations throughout the province in places where they’re often exclusive.

We’re looking for high-quality people in your area, experts in the automotive sector looking to increase their profitability. Like you, we’re committed to customer satisfaction. bleu Pelican was built by experienced operators and managers in the rental or replacement vehicle field, and has been designed to offer the same high-quality service, province-wide.

A franchise concept designed for profitability from the very first year!

To be effective and prosperous, it’s vital that our franchisers are in good financial health. To help them reach this objective, our proven concept involves an exceptionally generous initial investment, and royalties calculated only on sales. We’ve also assembled the kind of solid and experienced team that can establish profitability for a franchiser from their first year in operation.

As well as benefitting from the expertise and solidity of the bleu Pelican structure, each franchiser has the advantage of:

  • Being known as a supplier authorized by insurers.
  • Attractive discounts from automobile manufacturers.
  • Operational support and ongoing marketing.

If you’re looking to increase your profitability and take advantage of our impressive growth, get in touch with me directly. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Richard Hébert
General Manager, bleu Pelican
1273 St-Jean Rd.
St Nicolas, QC
G7A 1A7